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EP: Doreen Shaffer with the SteadyTones - First Lady of Ska -  Snippet

Album: RIDE ON - Snippet I
Don't Say [feat. Jesse Wagner], Dollar Backpocket, Pussy Cry for Food

Album: RIDE ON - Snippet II
Dark Rider, Constantinopolis, Ride the Giraffe

Album: Heavy Impact - Snippet

EP: The Return of Mojo - Snippet

Doreen Shaffer with The SteadyTones

Doreen Shaffer with The SteadyTonesEP (Juni 2017)
Liquidator Music
The Steadytones on The Steadytones on The Steadytones on iTunes
1 Smile (4:04) 
2 I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Baby) (3:05) 

Ride On

The Steadytones Ride On frontCD/LP (April 2016)
GudeZaid Musikproduktion
The Steadytones on The Steadytones on The Steadytones on iTunes
1 Come on Home (4:22) 
2 Sugar Brown (3:03) 
3 Dollar Backpocket (2:22) 
4 Pussy Cry for Food (3:23) 
5 News Man (3:16) 
6 Give It to Me (2:42) 
7 Don't Say [feat. Jesse Wagner] (3:44) 
8 Weep & Wail (3:58)
9 All They Say (3:16) 
10 Last Wine (4:11) 
11 Bank Robber (3:08) 
12 Dark Rider (4:01) 
13 Constantinopolis (4:35) 
14 Somethings Got to Change (5:12) 
15 Ride the Giraffe (5:32)

Heavy Impact

The Steadytones - Heavy Impact
CD/LP (January 2013)
Grover Records
1 Eyes Wide Shut
2 Calling You
3 Lie To Me
4 Nice It Up
5 Come With Me
6 High Times
7 Cock Flavour Soup 
8 Daydream On A Sunny Afternoon
9 Walking
10 Overproof Mashup
11 Take Me To The Game
12 Pearl Of Persia
13 Still Waiting
14 Super Skank

The Steadytones & The Return Of Mojo

The Steadytones Return of Mojo front
EP (November 2012)
Grover Records
Got To See You Again 
Be Mine 
Explosive Reggay 
Use Me 


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